Al Bank Al Saudi Al Fransi New Regional Management Building

Al Bank Al Saudi Al Fransi
Zuhair Fayez Partnership
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
from 09.1998 to 06.2000
Project Detail

The project comprises two blocks, the tenstoried main building and the five-storied parking block, with a total built-up area of 23,300 m2. The contract duration is 540 days. The main building has a total built-up area of 17,350 m2, consisting of a basement, a ground floor, mezzanine, and seven typical floors. The parking block has a total built-up area of 5,980 m2. The scope of work includes all structural works, finishing, electromechanical works and the external developments, i.e. all trades except furniture.

Special Equipment and Materials
As the Jeddah Municipality did not permit connection to the sewerage system, a Sewage Treatment Plant was installed to treat the sewage water and convert it to irrigation water to be used for landscaping.
The air conditioning system is supported by Thermal Energy Storage (TES) System which helps in storing chilled water during the night to be used in the A/C system during daytime and peak hours. The office floors are designed to use the demountable partition system supported by sophisticated underfloor trunking system which help in redefining the office spaces. Special systems include: MATV System, Master Clock System, Public Address System, Burglar Alarm / Security System, Fire Alarm System, Telephone System, UPS System, BMS A/C tonnage of 600 tons.

Major Quantities

  • Concrete 13,000 m3
  • Steel Reinforcement 2,000 tons
  • Bricks & Hollow Blocks 11,500 m2
  • Granite 6,800 m2
  • Glass 4,650 m2
  • Acoustic Ceiling 9,000 m2
  • Gypsum Ceiling Board 1,000 m2
  • Plumbing and FF Pipes 10,000 lm
  • Cables 3,000 lm