Mosque (R1) Sultan Bin Abdulaziz City For Humanitarian Services

Sultan Foundation
Zuhair Fayez Partnership
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
from 03.2000 to 05.2001
Project Detail

The scope of work covered under Child Development Center (E1) and Mosque (R1) includes, but is not limited to the following:

Child Development Center (E1)
The CDC is a two-storey special medical facility for children and consists of a reinforce concrete structure. Scope of work includes earthworks,substructure, superstructure, masonry works, finishes and installation of MEP building services. It also includes construction of the following:

  • Adjacent guardhouse, including all utility connections to the CDC;
  • Adjacent LPG gas storage tank-holding structure and LPG tank and interconnecting pipe to the building;
  • Main incoming power supply cable from Substation LA to the CDC including the connection to the switchgear at Substation LA;
  • External connections of telephone, coaxial, fire alarm, and data links from building S1 to CDC;
  • Sanitary pipes and stormwater pipes that terminate 2 meters from the building or the nearest manhole whichever is the closest.

Mosque (R1)
All requirements to construct the mosque, which also cover:

  • External fountain including pipe and pumps;
  • The stone facing to the battered RC wall adjacent to Building S5;
  • Incoming connections of all services (irrigation mainline, potable water supply, sanitary and stormwater pipes, chilled water supply, power supply) that terminate 2 meters from the building