Commercial Building No. 1, Dammam: Structural Remedial Works

General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI)
Al Rabiah Cowi Consulting Engineers
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
from 07.2000 to 04.2001
Project Detail

The GOSI Commercial Building No. 1 was constructed around 1981 and had structurally deteriorated. The building comprises a 12 storey construction above ground and a basement that covers the entire area of the building. The ground, mezzanine, service and restaurant floors slabs are solid slab constructions with different thickness
depending on the framing plan of each floor. In the typical floors starting from the 1st floor level to the roof, waffle type slab construction was employed, comprising ribs at 1.8 m centers in each direction with a relatively thing topping slab of 125mm. The total slab thickness was 800mm.
In the lower floors with solid slab construction, drop beams span at different grids to support the expected heavy weight of the slab as well as the relatively high live loads. In the upper floors, drop beams are only located at the external perimeter of the building.
The service facilities such as staircases and lifts are located within the two core areas inside the building. The cores are ideally located from a structural point of view to resist lateral loads.
Within the cores the main resisting elements are the symmetrically arranged reinforced concrete walls. These walls are also employed to support vertical loads.
The overall length of the development necessitated the introduction of expansion joints in the building.
The foundation structure comprises a 1.5m thick mat foundation covering the area of the building to provide better resistance to differential settlement and to provide an easily tanked structure, thus ensuring a waterproof basement. The particular scope of work covered in the rehabilitation of the structures comprises: Basement Retaining Walls, Ground Floor Slab, Restaurant Floor Slab, Sixth Floor Level, Columns, Core Walls, Cladding Panels, Expansion Joints, Roof Waterproofing.