Laboratory Research & Development Center – Phase 1

Saudi Arabian Oil Co. (Aramco)
Saudi Aramco PMT
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
from 12.1998 to 03.2001
Project Detail

This contract covers the material procurement and construction of pre-engineered steel structures consisting of a three story general laboratory building with a partial basement and a two story hibay buildings including support facilities such as:
sunshade storage areas, chiller plant, electrical switching stations, 174 parking spaces, access road and landscaping. The project total area is around 13,703 m2 with an actual built area of 4,945 m2.
Work items are as follows:
Site—site preparation including demolition work, site grading and storm drainage, asphalted access road, modifications to Dhahran Boulevard and the LIP Road, paved asphalt parking for vehicles and concrete walkways, installation of traffic signs and pavement marking, installation of street parking and walkway lighting, site development including landscaping, irrigation and street furniture.
Sunshade storage behind high bay building to accommodate gas and chemical cylinder storage and metal layout storage., supply and installation of street lighting for LIP road and access road.
Utilities—electrical Electrical service and electrical transformers to provide power to proposed General Lab. Building, High Bay Buildings, Chiller Plant and Sun Shade Storage Areas. Complete Voice and Data Communications Systems to service 150 employees including telephone sets, cabling and equipment inside of the building and Voice/Data infrastructure on-site and off-site. Raw water, drinking water, firewater, laboratory waste and wastewater piping to serve the proposed buildings. Water cooled central chilled water plant and associated cooling towers and piping to the General Laboratory, High Bay Laboratory and Valve Boxes for future phases. Building Management System (BMS), Fire Alarm and Detection System, Fire suppression system for site as well as building including fire pumps. Installation and removal of all temporary communications  services during construction. Installation of 6” dia. sewer force main from chiller plant to existing manhole on existing 15” dia. concrete sewer line running through south eastern part of site to Dhahran Boulevard. Installation of new 10” dia gravity main from laboratory buildings to NDT Technology Center lift station. Demolition of existing lift station and associated piping serving existing MSO hammam. Construction of a new 4 x 3- 6” conduit electrical concrete encased ductbank from the manhole at north end of site provided by the NDT Building.