New Municipality Headquarters (Amana), Jeddah

Jeddah Municipality
Zuhair Fayez Partnership
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
from 01.2002 to 11.2005
Project Detail

The New Municipality Building (Amana Tower) consists of the 18 Floor Main Building and 3 Floor Parking Building with roof and upper roof, built ion a site area of 24,992 m2. Both buildings are reinforced concrete structure frame and precast prestressed hollow core slabs: the Main Building with a built up area of 57,090 m2, and the Parking Building with 22,960 m2. The Main Building will house all the service departments of Jeddah Municipality, including the Office of the Mayor.
The scope of work includes, but are not limited to, the following:

  • All earthworks and external developments.
  • Driving and casting piles
  • Erection of superstructure and precast panels on external facade
  • CMU walls made of Concrete hollow blocks
  • Metal work like gratings, ladders, railings, column cladding etc.
  • Waterproofing at all levels of the building.
  • Metal, Wooden, Alum & Glazed doors & Windows, Curtain walls.
  • Granite, Marble, Ceramic on floors, walls and bases.
  • Suspended ceilings of type acoustic, metal & gypsum.
  • Paint on ceilings and walls – internal & external.
  • Vanity counters, Toilet access, Control barriers, maintenance equip.
  • All E/M 1st fixes for plumbing, fire fighting and HVAC.
  • All E/M accessories like faucets, valves, san fixtures, sprinklers, fire extinguisher, alarm bells, grills & diffusers, switches, lighting fixtures etc.
  • All E/M equipment like Pumps, Chillers, AHUs, FCUs, Fans, Transformers.
  • Special systems like data system, master clock system, public address system, CCTV system, BMS, and lighting management system.