Procurement And Construction Of Seawater Cooling & Pumphouse No. 2

Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu
Jubail, Saudi Arabia
from 01.1998 to 04.2005
Project Detail

The scope of work consists of the expansion of the Existing Seawater Cooling System in the Industrial City of Jubail. The project covers a total area of 136,000 m2 with actual built up area of 46,500 m2. Implementation of the expansion project consists of the following items:

  • Cofferdam
  • Pump Chambers
  • Auxiliary Buildings (Workshop, Electrical Equipment Building, Chlorination Plant Building, Chlorination Pump house and Workshop Substation)
  • Facilities and Services (Car Ports, Supply Channel Extension and Headworks, Fire Alarm System, Telephone System, Surface Water Drainage System, Foul Water Drainage System, Potable Water System, Oil Water and Emergency Acid Drainage System, Treated Water Irrigation System, Chlorinated Water System, Fire Water System, Sodium Hypochlorite Bulk Storage Tanks, Ductbank, High and Medium Voltage Cables, Gas Supply Pipeline, Security Lighting System, Cathodic Protection System and Oil Spill Protection System).
  • Compacted Fill, Roads and Signs, Paving, Headworks Access Bridge, Capping Beam to Sea Wall, Boat Ramps, Fencing Gates and Road Barriers, Soil Surface and Dredging
  • Cathodic Protection

The major challenge in heavy industrial construction is its being “heavy” itself. Concrete pouring of huge structures requires proper coordination of manpower and equipment, properly installed and well supported formwork, consistent mixtures and steady supply of concrete and additives, and continuous availability of manpower.
The project, in several instances, had a continuous concrete pouring activities of more than 1,000 cubic meter for more than 48 hours. The total volume of concrete poured so far in this project is 40,000 cubic meters with 6,215 tons of steel reinforcement. Blockwork (16,000 m2), Steel Structure(326 tons), Precast Cladding (132 m2), Waterproofing (1,530 m2) Tiles (465 m2) Paint (14,800 m2) Gypsum Panels (418 m2), Cables (88,000 lm), Electrical Panels (22 ea.), Lighting Fixtures (770 ea.), Pipes (Conduits (17,358 lm), RTR Pipes (44,200 lm).