Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Science And Technology Center

Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Foundation
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
from 09.2000 to 02.2003
Project Detail

The project consists of general contractor services and civil engineering construction of a science & technology exhibition & educational site/building. The project site is approx. 21,700 m2 and the building design is approx. 14,750 m2, enclosed on 3 major and 1 minor interior level, with ground floor coverage of approx. 6,600 m2.
Major elements of exterior developments consist of but not limited to perimeter fencing, vehicular & pedestrian access drives and gates, extensive exterior pedestrian paved plazas, exterior feature fountain, extensive landscaping and irrigation, water, sewer, fire protection and electrical power u/g utilities, underground water & sewerage tanks, utilities accessory buildings, extensive exterior lighting signage & canopy shade device for part of the parking.
Functional spaces include, but are not limited to large ‘atrium lobby, 175-seat hemispherical large format theater, 250-seat stepped floor auditorium, a gift shop, fast-food-type cafeteria, classrooms, VIP lounge and meeting room, administrative offices and conference rooms, prayer halls, unfinished exhibit spaces, exhibit support & storage spaces, toilet rooms, security guard apartment and mechanical/electrical spaces.
Building development consists of, but not limited to:

  • structural and pre-cast concrete,
  • stone cladding, architectural metal work,
  • 26 m diameter metal geodesic dome enclosure for large format theater, telescope and six meter diameter metal dome enclosure,
  • glazed aluminum curtain walls, poured-inplace epoxy topping,
  • suspended decorative metal ceiling grids,
  • custom signage, elevators and escalators, audio visual and telecommunications infrastructure equipment,
  • security systems, high-tech mechanical & electrical systems,
  • fire protection piping and sprinklers, casework, fixed seating for large format theater and auditorium and a broad range of high quality interior finishes.