Works – Construction – Renovation – Amiri Hangar – DIA

Amiri Flights/ Qatar Airways
Doha, Qatar
from 05.2020 to 01.2021
Project Detail

The Scope of Works Consists of:

  1. a) Dismantling works.
  2. b) Water proofing of roof.
  3. c) Replacement of floor tiles both in offices and toilets
  4. d) Replacement of false ceiling tiles
  5. e) Gypsum board partitioning
  6. f) Painting and repainting works
  7. g) Supply and installation of High bay light fixtures
  8. h) Supply and installation of roof obstruction lights with all the related works
  9. i) Supply and installation of lightning protection for existing Hangar Roof with all the related works
  10. j) Supply and installation of LED Light fixtures rated with IP65 with meet standard lux of 500 with all the related works
  11. k) Conduct Condition survey of switchgears & assembly and submitting report to Engineers
  12. l) Service electrical switchgears according to NETA standards and provide reports
  13. m) Supply and installation of 1x 4Cx 400mm square XLPE Armoured cables including termination and testing with all the related works
  14. n) Existing 300KVA generator shall be fully serviced by the certified personnel/company by the manufacturer with all the related works
  15. o) Supply and installation of 200KVA Package generator (external) including power supply through Automatic Transfer Switch
  16. p) Supply and install Automatic switch along with sub-distribution board to accommodate the Porta cabin power requirement 200A with all the related works
  17. q) Supply and installation of 4ways incoming breaker with all the related works
  18. r) Supply and installation of emergency exit door with push bar (approximate size 2200×800)
  19. s) Supply and Installation of Dry chemical Powder fire extinguishers of different capacity
  20. t) Supply and Installation of CO2 extinguishers of different capacity
  21. u) Supply and Installation of Halotron extinguishers of different capacity
  22. v) Supply and Installation of signage