Bid Package 09 – Site Civil Hardscape

Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Foundation
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
from 03.2000 to 03.2002
Project Detail

The scope of work covered under Bid Package 09, Site Civil Hardscape includes the following infrastructure works:

Sitework—remaining earthwork with desert aspect or surroundings improvement by means of riprap, crushed stones mixed, boulder arrangements, all crossed by walkways out of sour paving and granite; grading, cutting or building up prevailing terrain to finish levels; the Sha’ib improvement, with approx. 4.5 hectares of improved surfaces (gravel mulch boulders), crossing the site from South to North, and storm water drainage systems; and demolition of existing foundations for the mosque R2.

Hardscaping—boundary wall (two types) to the entire perimeter of the site, including removal of existing fence, fence poles and gates as the work proceeds and store at the PM’s designated area; entranceways to VIP, Ambulatory and Service entrances complete with gatehouses, gates, security barriers, specified security systems etc; asphalt roadway, parking areas and paving including tie‑ins, curbs, road marking, traffic signs, drainage etc.; car park shading and related pavement works, curbs, road marking & traffic signs, drainage etc. It also includes site furnishings; site walls, retaining walls & steps; miscellaneous metal work items including, but not limited to, car sheds, metal fences & gates, flag poles, tree guards, obstruction posts ; road & pedestrian bridges including all modifications to existing structure M7 at the tie-in point with road #17 ramp ; Pedestrian Walks ; Helipad, including co‑ordination with the Civil Aviation Authority for approval of its location and configuration detail. External fountains; water features (cascades); playground at the Child Development Center complete with all accessories; therapy court, plaza with either open or enclosed; recovery drop off points; trash court including water connection, drainage and absorption pit, are also covered under the hardscaping works.

Utility Works—External Underground Potable Water Tanks including Pumping System; Sewage Treatment Plant complete including lift manhole and submersible pumps; Well Water Treatment Plant complete with electrical connection, storage tanks, cooling tower pumps pipework, testing and commissioning etc.; Brackish connections from well, and gray Water connection to Sewage Treatment Plant. Installation of pipework from the sewage treatment plant to the city water main at the project Site boundary.