Re-construction of Lycee Bonaparte School in Dafna, Qatar with 28,000 m² plot area and 29,400 m² total build up area consisting of Construction of Building School including Basement, Ground floor, First floor & Second floor. Construction of swimming pool, sport hall, football and track infield, boundary walls and substation. Soft and hard landscaping works. Post tensioning works for suspended slabs & beams (28,000m²). Supply and installation of MEP items including drainage, water supply, firefighting, HVAC, electrical items and all MEP equipment.

Project Detail

Design & construction of chemical storage building (including civil, architectural, MEP works), concrete foundation (70×75) for chemical waste storage including collection pit, holding tank, access road for the chemical waste storage. Design, installation of new underground fire water line to connect to existing fire water line including GRE Pipes, valves, hydrant, thrust blocks & chamber. Installation of thrust block to the existing fire line. Replacement of valves for the existing fire water.